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Aleksandar Nenad [DEAD BODY COLLECTION]  about "VRIL" release:

"You see no colors. You hear sounds. You feel the energy. You hear the noise. Surrounded by walls, you hear the unsaid words ring out in your head. Time doesn't exist anymore. You count the seconds to feel the existence. You can't remember. Darkness overtakes you. You don't know who you are. You don't know why you exist. Walls of noise overtake your body, layer by layer. It is transcendental. Every cracked artery is hear loudly. Every drop of blood is felt running down your skin. You watch your body decompose into pieces of a mirror without a reflection. You see but you know it does not exist. Noise overtakes you. The walls are closer. You hear sounds that don't exist. Time existed once. Time is destroyed. You existed and you are destroyed in just 40 minutes... Everything ends!"

thnx 4 ever

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VILGOC live HNW performance in LODZ: 23/02/2013

VILGOC live HNW performance among other great artists!

date: 23/02/2013 [saturday]
venue: GRANDA, ul. Rewolucji 1905, Lodz - Poland
start: 20:00

body inside


thnx for beeing there

see it here:

review here:

translated here:

Thank You All

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VILGOC new release "VRIL" is OUT NOW!

VILGOC new HNW release "VRIL" is OUT NOW!!!

more info here:


also on FB

You can order it from here:

Listen a sample here:

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